24 January 2008


Hello, my name for this exercise is GodFree, and I'm following a "process" of practicing telling my truth - being self-honest - in order to discover and uncover Who I Really Am. I have become convinced that this process is the best way that I can ensure my breaking out of the mental, emotional and belief programming that I have been subject to since I was born, so that Who I Am can express itself, and at last have Life. Because as it is in the moment, my Real Self is still largely submerged in the sh*t of my programming... and I have been made aware of that fact. And is a computer program alive? Not really; its a machine. And why do I say it is sh*t? Well, you only have to look at what is happening in the world with a bit of common sense to see that all the abuse, lying and deceit and inequality that goes on can hardly be described in any other way! And this is all the result of the programs that humans are under.

What to do?

If we want to "get a life", we cannot allow this to go on; we've got to change it somehow.

One has to practice to become self-honest, see what is happening, take up one's responsibility to do something to change it - namely, self-correct - and thus assist in the breakdown of the sh*t of the world by expressing more and more of Who You Really Are. That being which is our core truth is a being of Oneness and Equality with all and everyone; and putting that awareness into action will reflect in the world, and slowly but surely we'll see Life - true Life - take shape on the physical level of existance.

So that's what this blog is all about. I intend to place here my day-to-day experiences and realisations, as they occur, as support for the world changes that are taking place even as we write... These are momentous times; and will be times of upheaval for many, as the old ways of living are broken down to make way for the new, and people are motivated to ask themselves, "Why is this happening?" Because only when one makes such an enquiry can one discover; and if people are not naturally curious and observant, circumstances are going to force them to be so. It will be a difficult time for many; but it seems that most people are complacent until adversity forces them to really look at themselves and discover what is true about them. Then there is opportunity to make a change, if they are willing to take up the challenge.

The knowledge and techniques to help one do this are being published on the Desteni website at www.desteni.co.za/ , but as they point out, knowledge without application is useless - makes sense, huh? You gotta use it for it to be of any use! So once the principles are grasped, to practice it is the next step; and its only really effective if you commit yourself to it wholeheartedly, and live your truth...

Bon voyage! On the ride of your Life!


Karl Jesper Hultkrantz, pappi=papillon said...

Hi GodFree !!!
nice to see you got a blogg
From Jesper

Ambervisions said...

HI Godfree! We are all in this process.....alone yet together! Thank you for sharing you! Di

Susan said...

So cool GodFree -- really glad you are going to be around for a loooooong time. :)

Andrea said...

Hi Godfree

So cool to read your story. I enjoy the honesty and introspection.